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Charis Charalambous

Born and raised in Cyprus, Charis (pronounced like "Harris") earned her Bachelor and Master's degrees (in Psychology and Counseling Psychology, respectively) in the USA and began her professional practice as an Outpatient Therapist, while receiving further training in Systemic Family Therapy at the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center.


Her Continuing Professional Development has been ongoing and includes, beyond training in Psychology and Therapeutic Interventions, training in Educational Methodologies and Youth/Adult Education and training related to Human Rights, Intercultural Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, Peace Education and Global Education.


In 2012, she took the unconventional step of quitting her steady governmental position in order to pursue a more flexible and rewarding career in a field where she felt she could make a more positive contribution to society. During a series of backpacking trips across the globe, she pursued her own personal development and tested her perseverance, creativity and determination in the face of various challenges and obstacles.




​​​As a Counseling Psychologist licensed to practice in Cyprus, Charis is experienced in working with individuals of all ages, couples and families. As a Trainer/Facilitator, she is highly skilled in designing, delivering and facilitating Workshops and Training Courses in topics related to Social and Emotional Development, Impactful Educational Methodologies and Training of Trainers.

Her psychological and training experience have led her to develop the EXCELLEAD Framework for achieving excellence in the design of learner-centered  educational and networking programs. She passionately believes in creating and continuously evolving the standards of quality in learning, meeting, participation and engagement.

Charis' high quality of work is enhanced by her love for the outdoors and her global traveling experiences. She is available for collaboration with individuals and organizations in Cyprus and overseas.

Charis Charalambous Psychologist Trainer Consultant

Professional Experience

Learning Design Consultation [2018 – Today]

Consultation, preparation support and feedback to educators and organizations on how to architect and improve their training and meeting events.


Training & Facilitation [2003 – Today]

Design, preparation and delivery of seminars, workshops and courses on various topics to different target groups, in local and European programs, using traditional and experiential learning methods. Design and/or implementation of novel educational programs for youth and adults/professionals.


Counseling Psychology / Mental Health  [2002 – Today]

Assessment and provision of psychological support to individuals, couples, youth and families with various biopsychosocial concerns, using a systemic and dialogical approach. Registered as a Counseling Psychologist in Cyprus.


Grant Proposal Writing and Evaluation [2012 – Today]

Full or partial involvement in writing successful grant applications for educational programs funded by the European Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ programs. Evaluation of Erasmus+ funding applications. Report writing and editing.


Social Welfare Services [2003 – 2011]

Preventive support and counseling to families at risk or in crisis, protection of In-Care children, preparation of reports for Child Custody court cases. Advocacy and guidance for families of preschool-age children with developmental delays/disorders.

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