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For: Children, youth and adults

Couples and family Therapy

Personal development and self-awareness

Managing Relationships

Dealing with divorce issues

Parental guidance for their children's well-being

Developing Resilience and Self-Agency

Empowerment for victims of violence and abuse

Coping with grief / sadness / anxiety

Family Court Child Custody Case Assessment/Reporting

For: children, youth, adults (general public, parents), adult professionals and organizational personnel

Non-Formal Education / Alternative teaching methods

Personal and Social Development / Life Skills
Training of Trainers-Educators-Facilitators


Conflict management and resolution
Empathy and interpersonal communication

Emotional Intelligence / Self-awareness

Character development

Personal and interpersonal growth in outdoor settings

​Behavior and relationship management in school settings

Child-rearing and family management topics

Human Rights issues

​Intercultural Dialogue

Peace Education

Active citizenship

​Global Education / Sustainable Development 

For: Beginning or experienced speakers, educators/trainers, event organizers, educational institutions, employee-centered organizations

Learner-centered top-quality event architecture based on the EXCELLEAD Framework

Training program design (e.g. space management, content sequencing, training methods, pedagogical approach)

Coaching for Presentations - Seminars - Workshops - Conferences - Training Courses

Experiential learning group processes

Outdoor education events

Networking meetings

Organizational meetings

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