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"Thank you for taking the time and effort to send us your feedback and recommendations. It is always highly appreciated by our team, [..], as our ultimate goal is to constantly and positively evolve and improve ourselves as to have the maximum and most effective impact on the people attending our events. Thus, we will surely take your feedback into account for our future events and activities." - Organizer of International Conference "Soft Skills for Youth Entrepreneurs"

"Charis is a truly exceptional trainer. She embodies change through consistently seeking new approaches to link the subjects of the training materials, with the activities that she is designing. She works with the trainees on all levels - emotionally, mentally, and physically. She is attentive to what each trainee needs, their limits, and how she can encourage and motivate them to best utilize their experience. Proof of her creativity lies in her adapting her activities on the spot, and creating new activities as per the need. Charis’ activities in essence bridged the gap between the seminar’s specific technical knowledge, and the trainees’ innovative minds, to create a truly transformational experience, as acknowledged by everyone who was part of it. Thus she receives my highest recommendation, and trust to take over the design and implementation of all non-formal trainings needed in the future."- Organizer of i3 Interreg 3-day seminar "Entrepreneurship in the Energy Sector"

"Excellent approach and transferability by the trainer, she presented understandable and practical examples". "A pleasant and positive climate between the trainer and the school staff." "There were many examples which helped us understand the theory. The trainer kept the group energized." "Some activities were done with the students and that helped us see their immediate results. The discussion that followed was constructive because she connected the theory with the practice." "The content of the seminar helped us identify the issues with are dealing with in school. She presented techniques and strategies we can apply in our setting." - Public school headmasters regarding school-based teacher trainings on "Alternative teaching methods", "Developing a positive climate in school", "Conflict prevention and resolution".

​"Nature can be our greatest partner in learning if we look close enough and follow its lead. Charis is passionate about nature, experienced in leading groups and individuals through personal growth activities, structured and always well prepared. Looking forward to enjoying the next one!" - Participant in CYrvivor Personal Growth Outdoors personal development workshop

"Charis, it was a pleasure getting to know you on the program. You are smart, funny, talented and a risk-taker. Keep up your travels, I look forward to hearing all about it. Thank you for all the laughs and support." - Fellow participant of "Dive into yourself" outdoor training course"

"Thank you for listening to me with patience and for helping me develop my self-awareness. Your presence in my life came at the right time, to help me continue my life's way with more skills." - Recipient of psychological support

"Thank you very much for making our planning day exciting, fun and eye-opening." "You helped us learn a lot, about each other and ourselves. It was a very good experience in many ways. You made us happy!" - Participants of Embassy personnel training "Personnel Group facilitation: Understanding cultural similarities and differences"

“I’m very happy I attended this course: new information, contacts, ideas and energy!!!” “I’m just appreciating the trainers how professional you are to make our group so bonded! My baggage is full of lovely experiences!!!” “I am very content with the trainers, the content, the activities, the background activities. I am really happy with each aspect of this training.” - Participants of the week-long Training Course "Social and emotional learning:  experience the power of education!"

“Congratulations, full of energy and very helpful. Thank you!”“Good course with great people!”“Just what I needed at this moment in time.”“I loved this course. Identified strengths: active participation, diverse working methods, encouraging everyone to express themselves, respect for participants, caring about each other.” - Participants of the week-long In-Service Training Course "Improving life skills through adult education"

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